Edugate was established in 2006 as a sole trader to generate commercial, cultural and intellectual exchange between Australia and Lebanon by promoting Australian education in Lebanon. It grows fast and in a short time becomes one of Australia’s most experienced and known education agencies.
Edugate was incorporated as a company in 2011 with 6 (six) branches in four different countries in addition to the Australian head office.
The founder Rami El Naboulsi has long-standing and varied experience in the academic world and can offer excellent advice on the education industry.

Our many years of activity are a proof of constantly changing education industry where Edugate identifies clearly the students’ needs and institutions’ demands and seeks to support and solve the problems.

We are capable of providing our unique educational service based on long experience and the dissemination of information from a worldwide perspective, guiding students and consultants alike.

We make sure that students that come to Australia enrol only in educational institutions and cities that they would like to live and study in. In the same time, we put a significant focus on joining in those specific courses that will help them achieve their lifelong goals.

Our relationship with education institutions across Australia is very strong and we work hard to ensure that our students receive the best possible assistance in their course selection, visa process, enrolment and the transition to living and studying in Australia.

Over years, Edugate has helped thousands of international students to enrol in Australian institutions.

Today we have an expert team of both academic consultants and admissions staff from multicultural backgrounds. We also have an experienced Arabic – Turkish – Persian – Chinese – French – Filipino – English speaking support team.

Edugate is currently the leading education consultancy for the Australian education.

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