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Overseas Student Health Cover Price Comparison (OSHC)

Are you excited about your arrival to Australia? Every new endeavor comes with a few risks. To fulfill the visa requirements, as well as to avoid potential risks, every prospective student should get Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

We have partnered with four major Australian Student Health Cover providers Ahm, Nib, Medibank, and Bupa. These partnerships allow you to apply for health coverage directly through us at better rates.

While the prices vary with each insurance company in Australia, there are more aspects to consider. Major factors determine which Student Health Cover (OSHC) is your go-to. These factors include where you will be living in Australia, what activities you will be doing, what kind of coverage you’re looking for etc.

While BUPA is the most expensive option between the 4 when considering 6-month packages, it is the only option that provides 100% coverage for specialists as well as pathology and x-rays while the rest cover only 85%. Small differences like this are present between all 4 potential Overseas Student Health Cover.

As part of its service, Edugate will research for you and assign you to the most suitable option according to your circumstances. Save yourself the time and contact your Edugate counselor now to find out more information.

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