Student Visa Processing

International Student Visa Processing Requirements

All international students studying in Australia must hold a valid student visa. The requirements for each kind of visa you can apply for vary and depend on your Assessment Level. Your Assessment Level is based on your nationality. The application process can be lengthy and complicated, as each student needs to satisfy all the visa requirements.

Can I get assistance in the application process?

Your institution’s International Student support staff can also provide you with assistance regarding the visa you will need for your specific enrolled course.

Otherwise, we at Edugate will assist you with your student visa application and paperwork (as well as your course application).

What Australian Student Visa should I get?

To determine which visa is relevant for you, visit the Department of Home Affairs website which provides all information in relation to visa requirements, responsibilities, and compliance.

There are also further sub-classes under each visa. View the comprehensive list on the Australian Government Study in Australia website


How do I apply to study in Australia?

Generally, the steps required to apply for a study visa in Australia are as follows:

course application

1.  Course and Institution Application

There are several things you need to consider once you have selected a course and your preferred institution. Tuition fees, duration of the course, and whether you are qualified for acceptance into the course as an International Student. Make sure you know which level of qualification you wish to apply for, as they do vary between institutions.

To check whether a course is eligible for International enrolment visit the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)

letter of offer

2.  Accept a Letter of Offer

Once you apply for your chosen course, the Institution will assess your application. This can be a lengthy process, sometimes lasting several months. Once reviewed, your Institution will send you a Letter of Offer. You must read this carefully and ensure you can comply with all the requirements within. This letter outlines your course, the conditions of your enrolment, any fees that are applicable to your course, and refund policy should you not complete your studies. It is essentially a contract between you and the Institution.

receive a CoE

3.  Receive a CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment)

The third step in the process is the CoE. Your Institution will send you a CoE once you confirm your enrolment and make any applicable payment for the course. This forms the basis for your visa application. The CoE outlines all details regarding the course you are enrolled in such as start date, fees, and duration.

apply for a visa

4.  Apply for a visa

Applications for Australian study visas can take weeks or months; therefore, it is imperative you commence the application process as soon as you receive an offer to study in Australia.

Applications are either online or paper-based. Online is only available to certain countries of origin. You will require your CoE for online applications. Airmail applications require all documentation to be submitted and will result in lengthier processing times. All applications also require you to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and this must be provided at the time of your application.

Find out where to purchase OSHC.


What documentation will I require for my application?

  • Application Form
  • Application Fee
  • 4 x passport-sized photos
  • A valid passport
  • Electronic CoE
  • IELTS test results to prove English language proficiency
  • Any required academic and/or work experience documentation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Evidence of financial capability and proof of enough funds.

You may be required to submit further information or undergo a medical examination if deemed necessary by your assigned Immigration Case Officer.

Each student is issued a unique TRN (Transaction Reference Number) by the Australian Government. You can then find out about the status of your application online.


How do I ensure my visa remains valid?

The following information regarding Visa compliance is stated on the Australian Government website for Study in Australia

Once you have received your visa, there are requirements you must meet in order for it to remain valid, including;

  • You must remain enrolled and maintain satisfactory course progress and attendance.
  • If you wish to change your qualification level you may need to apply for a new student visa.
  • Provide your Australian address to your institution so they can contact you and let them know if you change the address.
  • You must continue to be able to support yourself financially while you’re in Australia.
  • Do not breach the working conditions applicable to your visa.

Can I stay in Australia?

Should your visa expire before you have completed your course, you may have to request an extension to your student visa to stay in Australia.

There are also other types of visas that may apply to you should you wish to remain in Australia.

View the full list of Australian visas

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Explore visa options for Staying in Australia


Information about Visas during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For the latest information about Visas in Australia during COVID-19, visit the Home Affairs website

You can also access information specific to International Students during COVID-19 on the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website

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