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At Edugate, our specialist team of academic consultants and admissions staff are dedicated to providing ongoing quality support to students. They do so in an inclusive manner and are of a superior cultural competence, as they come from various cultural backgrounds themselves. The team at Edugate works towards enrolling students into their desired courses within educational institutions that can best meet their individual requirements. Our personalised course counselling services are based on the future career prospects of the students we assist. Edugate aims to set students up to achieve their long-term goals whilst living and studying in Australia. While Australia is the main destination, our consultants have recently begun assisting with international destinations as we have recently engaged with global providers.


Edugate comprises seven branches
in five countries.






Saudi Arabia

At Edugate, our team of friendly experts assists international students with many processes, including:


  1. Undertaking of pre-assessments and evaluations prior to the commencement of your course to ensure your readiness to undertake tertiary studies.
  2. Locating the most relevant and suitable courses for your future career prospects and assisting with the application and preparation processes. Providing high-level coaching and counseling services to ensure you are coping across all aspects whilst living in Australia and studying in Australia.
  3. Completing application forms for the university or institution of your choice.
  4. Assisting with making the best choice for OSHC based on the fees and services most suitable to your needs.
  5. Helping you with finding suitable student accommodation.
  6. Completing application forms for international students visas to study in Australia. Edugate can provide the best advice on visa preparation and GTE as our staff members are trained by migration lawyers.
  7. Assisting with banking-related matters to ensure a smooth transition to living in Australia (university-related costs).
  8. Providing ongoing friendly support whilst you are living in Australia and studying in Australia.
  9. Providing quality advice on how to obtain a TFN and ABN, as well as guidance on your job search.

Our Services Include

Free Consultation

You will always have the support and help you need while living in Australia.
Our students receive individualised consultations that cater to their aspirations and learning goals. Whether it be analysing the highest paying job in Australia, finding education consultants, location accommodation for students, or extracting courses for international students in Australia, Edugate has you covered.

We specialise in helping students choose PR Pathway courses, locate affordable study options, obtain local work experience in Australia, and searching and applying for jobs.

Offering the Most Advanced Course Search

Use Edugate Gateway Most Advanced Course Search engine to find courses in Australia that will excel your skills. Courses are categorised per category and subcategory.

In this section of our website, you can search through all the CRICOS registered courses in Australia. This feature is unique to Edugate as we are the only agency to offer a service such as this

Student Visa Applications

In partnership with quality migration agencies, Edugate are set up to process student visa applications.
These migration agencies keep our ranging branches accountable for all visa regulations and requirements. We assist students to collect relevant information regarding student visa fees, adhering to Australian student visa working hours, and updates on student visa processing time.

Furthermore, we also provide assistance with extending student visas and onshore student visa processes. These follow up services are offered on a complimentary basis to our students.

IELTS Preparation

Once you have decided to study in Australia, make sure you ace it!

Take the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Online Course now to test your English language proficiency

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Edugate is here to make you feel safe in all possible ways. We'll get you the most suitable health cover while you live and study in Australia.

Edugate also ensures that students get the best priced and most valuable cover.


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