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We are education consultants in Australia that specialize in assisting International Students in applying for Student Visas and studying abroad scholarships at leading Australian Colleges and Universities. Here at Edugate, we aim to make every student dream to study, live, and work in Australia a reality. As a result, our Australian education consultants and their unique ability to tailor a solution to each student made it possible. Moreover, our expert team provides individualized consultations at no cost to you. Therefore, you will have your own dedicated Edugate education consultant in Australia who can work with you to tailor a solution based on your long-term learning goals. Also, you should know the six reasons that you should use an educational consultant.

Our Education Consultant in Australia will:

  1. Assess your current eligibility;
  2. Determine your next steps towards applying to study and move to Australia;
  3. Implement a plan on how to pursue your field of interest;
  4. Identify relevant courses available in Australia for you;
  5. Student visa processing;
  6. Outline and discuss the fees and costs of University study in Australia;
  7. Find and apply for undergraduate scholarships in Australia;
  8. Secure your student accommodation.

Edugate Consultation is Free!

What distinguishes Edugate from other education consultants in Australia is that our consultations are completely free – and not just the first one! If at any time you have any inquiries, we are available via phone or at our offices. Also, you can book an appointment for further consultation with any of our education consultants, and never worry about any fees whatsoever! Moreover, We will help find a course in Australia and assist with your visa and travel requirements.

Our education consultants in Australia also provide post-arrival support that includes:

  • following up on your transition and experience on arrival;
  • solving any miscommunicated issues with your academic institution;
  • guiding you through the next steps while living and studying in Australia;
  • answering any questions regarding fees and associated costs of studying at an Australian College or University
Edugate guarantees you reach your goals by guiding you through your journey and education in Australia. We are a one-stop-shop for your study requirements.

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