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What are the cheapest courses for student visa?
We recommend you take the course that will be beneficial for your future career and self-development rather than determining your courses based solely on price. But generally speaking, a business course at a vocational level will give you theoretical business knowledge with an understanding of your everyday business transactions happening around you. A business course price is usually priced around $6,000 per year with the ability to pay it by $500 monthly installments. Note that also sometimes we can secure some cheaper options based on the time of enrolment and other promotional factors.

Can I take an online course?
Being in Australia on a student visa you are required to attend classes, but some colleges have blended delivery options of both online and on-campus delivery.
Can I apply for a student visa without leaving Australia?
Yes, you can in most visas, there are some exceptions please contact us to find out the visa you currently hold and if you can apply onshore.
I have less than a month on my current visa, can I still enroll in a course and apply for a student visa?
Yes, you can, with our relationship with education providers we can speed up the process of obtaining all required documents to lodge your visa application.
I missed my visa end date and my visa expired shall I leave Australia immediately?
If your visa expired less than 28 days ago and this is the first time you are in similar situation we can still apply for your visa while you remain in Australia.
What documents are required to enroll in study course in Australia?
The following is the initial list of documents we request. Our counsellors assess and work with students and will advise accordingly if more documents will be required.
• A valid passport
• Academic qualifications and transcripts
• Work experience documents and resume
• Evidence of your English proficiency skills
• Evidence of financial ability
• Translation documents (if applicable)
In case any of these documents are missing or you are not able to obtain please contact one of our staff to check if anything can be done to process your application without the missing document.
Do I need to sit an official English language test such as IELTS or PTE?

It depends! Not all students are required to sit a formal English language test although it is good to have one.

A student’s nationality (country of passport) and education provider will determine if a student needs to provide evidence of English language ability. You can contact us and we will provide tailored advice based on your case.

Can I change my course?
August 2019
Yes, international students are able to change their course of study, however, they must be granted permission to do so. Students changing their qualification level, (e.g. dropping from a Bachelor’s degree to a Diploma) need to apply for a new student visa.
Where a change in course or institution requires you to apply for a new student visa, it is likely that the Department of Home Affairs will want a very detailed explanation of your reasons for changing in order to make sure that you still meet the GTE requirements.We highly encourage our students to contact one of our counsellors before they start any course transfer process as we will ensure you keep complying with your visa conditions.
Can I add my spouse/children/partner on my student visa?
May 2019

Yes, you can add your family unit members to your student visa. They may apply as dependents on your student visa application to accompany you to Australia.

How much funds do I need to have to apply for student visa?
November 2019

The Department of Home Affairs expects students to have sufficient funds to cover their travel, cost of living and tuition fees. Students need to demonstrate genuine access to at least the following if the course they enroll in is 12 months or longer:

Single applicant: $21,041 and the first-year tuition fees

Secondary applicant traveling with you:
Partner: $7,362
Child: $3,152

If you want to study for less than 12 months, the number of funds needed to demonstrate will be calculated ‘pro-rata’, which means that the amount will be adjusted according to the length of your course.

Can I extend my student visa after completing a course?
December 2019

You can extend your current student visa if you have further studies and want to enroll in another course. Please contact us to discuss your visa options when you complete your course of study.

Is it mandatory to have a student health cover to apply for a student visa?
April 2019

Yes, you and your family members must have and maintain adequate health insurance for the whole of your stay in Australia and must be covered by Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) from an approved Australian health insurance provider.

How much does OSHC cost?
January 2019
OSHC fees varies between providers below is the link you can have an indicative of the fees:
Not all providers provide the same type of coverage or price. Please contact us and we can search for you the cheapest quote or the one that suits your need the most.
Can I work on student visa and if yes, how many hours a week?
February 2020
This is one of the most common questions our students ask, so we will try to cover it properly:
If you are on a Student 500 visa, Condition 8105 applies to you. Condition 8105 demands that student visa holders work no more than 40 hours per fortnight while their course is in session.You might all know the above but let’s cover also what you may not know:• A student visa holder is not permitted to work until their course has commenced and is in session
• A student visa holder may work unlimited hours when their course is not in session
• A student visa holder who has commenced a masters by research or a doctorate course may work unlimited hours after commencing their postgraduate research courseFamily members on a secondary student visa:
Spouses and children of students can generally work for 40 hours per fortnight. The work rights for secondary visa holders come into effect when the main student commences studies. The dependent can only work 40 hours per fortnight – whether it is during the semester or during semester break.
If the student is studying a Master’s or Ph.D., dependents can work full time.

How much does a student visa cost?
April 2020
At the moment the visa charge is 620$ plus credit card fees. If you have family members applying with you on the same visa or this is not your first student visa extra charges may apply. Please refer to below link:
What if I don’t receive my student visa before my current visa runs out?
As long as you submit your student visa on time, you can start studying your course. In general, after submission of your visa the department grants you a bridging visa that you remain on until a decision is made on your application. In case the department of immigration didn’t automatically grant you a bridging visa you can login to your immi portal and request one.
If my student visa gets rejected, will I get a refund?
January 2020
In most cases the institutions will issue you full refund and some may charge admin fees. Though We urge all students to check the refund policy mentioned in the offer letter they receive from institutions. Meanwhile immigration fees are not refundable.
Based on which criteria, I can get scholarships?
March 2019
There are many different types of scholarships criteria for non-research students’ partial scholarships are usually offered based on merit, certain intake dates, nationalities. And research scholarship is determined by research areas, funding available, and the universities research available budgets.
What are 491 visa requirements?
March 2020
Subclass 491 – Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa is for skilled workers who want to live and work in regional Australia.
Main requirements:
• Be nominated to apply by a state or territory government agency, or an eligible relative must sponsor you
• Have an occupation on a relevant skilled occupation list
• Have a suitable skills assessment for the occupation
• Be invited to apply
• Satisfy the points test
For more information on this visa subclass, please refer to the Home Affairs website:
What are 476 visa requirements?
February 2020
Subclass 476—Recognised Graduate visa allows recent engineering graduates to live, work or study in Australia for up to 18 months.
Main requirements:
• Be under 31 years of age
• Have completed an engineering degree at a specified educational institution in the past 2 years
• Not have previously been the primary visa holder of a subclass 476 or 485 visa
For more information on this visa subclass, please refer to the Home Affairs website:
What are 485 visa requirements?
January 2020
Subclass 485-Temporary Graduate visa is a temporary visa that allows international students to live, study and work after you have finished your studies.
Main requirements:
• Be under 50 years of age
• Hold an eligible visa
• Have a recent qualification in a CRICOS-registered course
485 Visa has two streams, please contact us to explain both streams and advise on what option would suit you better.
You can also refer to the Home Affairs website for more information:

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