GTE, GS, Changing visa Subclass, Work Limitation

If the international student has been granted a visa, he needs to meet the conditions for this visa. The DIBP will attach these conditions to the visa grant letter:

  • The student must stay enrolled in the course that the visa has been granted based on, and thus satisfy the university requirements and academic progress for this nominated course
  • The student must at least attend 80% of the scheduled sessions of the course and must not leave the course without any previous approval from the education provider
  • If a student has a problem and he needs to quit a particular session, he needs to get approval on the permission of leave from the provider
  • If the student’s attendance falls below 80% he will receive warnings, and if he didn’t justify the absence, he would be reported to the immigration, and then the visa will be automatically cancelled
  • A student must achieve satisfactory academic results. However, if the student hasn’t met the educational requirements for 2 (two) consecutive semesters, the provider can exclude the student and thus he needs to follow relevant appeal process
  • The student must keep the education provider updated with their current address
  • The student must have OSHC during his stay in Australia
  • The student’s main course of study must be matching the visa sector, and he should continue the same level of study. If the student wants to change the course, he needs to notify the DIBP, and he might have to apply for a new student visa
  • The student must always have sufficient funds to support his stay in Australia
  • A student cannot change the institution unless he has completed 6 (six) months period of his main course, to which the visa was granted. However, if the student got the release letter from his current education provider, then he or she will be able to change the intuitions and the records will be updated at the DIBP
  • If the student has any dependant applicant (child) who is school age (5 years or over), then he has to maintain the adequate arrangements for him (enrol him at school)
  • A student can’t work more than 40 hours fortnightly when his course is in session. However, there’s no work limit when in vacation, or if the students are on Postgraduate Research Visa (subclass 574)
  • Family members of the student who were also granted the visa can also work up to 40 hrs fortnightly unless the student is studying Master or Doctoral Degree
  • Student must always have a valid COE
  • Student must not stay for more than 60 days without study in Australia.
  • Student can travel from or to Australia as often as his visa is valid and he must not leave the country unless he has a vacation



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