It is surprising to discover that despite the high economic growth of Australia as a country, the cost of living is not high. The living standards are high but affordable. People travel to this beautiful country and find living in the place being cheaper than their homeland nation.

The food is cheap and is available in affordable places. The best advantage to students from overseas is that the Universities and all other learning institutions are located in areas that have relatively low living costs. Therefore, students can live just as they pursue their studies.

There is no need to worry about expensive lifestyle as the universities have various things that add pride to their students. The urban parts might be a bit costly though affordable to individuals who are used to living in the cities back in their home country. The costs in the city are not much different from the cost of life in other cities of the world.

If the costs would turn to be unaffordable, Australia’s growing entrepreneurial and business world offer avail a couple of jobs to the students. These jobs can generate income that they can, in turn, use to sponsor their lifestyle as they learn. As a student, coping with the changing standards shall be easy since you are enlightened on some issues concerning technology.

At the end of 2014, there were more than 280,000 small businesses in Australia, emphasized by aprox 14% of Adult Population which starts or is running a new business across the country:

Australia has a great Start Up and Entreneurial culture


The primary goal of our agency is to demystify the living standards in Australia so that you don’t get it all wrong that life in Australia is hard. Apparently, life in Australia is easy, and everyone has a chance to exploit the current opportunities for studying in Australia. Depending on the region you come from, you might find an excellent opportunity in acquiring a job in the tourism sector since tourists from your home country would understand you more than those from Australia.

However, as per the Department of Immigration and Boarders Protection, they have put the estimated living cost for international student around AUD$18,610 per annum. This should cover the accommodation, shopping, and regular living expenses. (Source: Official Government website Study in Australia)

Transportation varies from one type to another; however students can choose to use the Train as it is the most popular means of transportation in whole Australia. Trains connect all Australian cities with each other and provide excellent services with reasonable prices. Travellers using the trains can get an “Opal card” that will be automatically recharged from the bank account and can help you save more money since it doesn’t have validity date and you have to tap it on and off, thus paying only for the travels you make between cities.

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