Types, cost, conditions

When you get the chance to develop and improve your education through Australian high standard universities and colleges curriculum, the next thought that pops into your mind is the concern of where you are going to live when you start learning. Many institutions offer internal housing accommodation both short-term and long-term accommodation. The undergraduates have guaranteed accommodation in the universities. For those pursuing post-graduate programs from outside Australia, they have the chance of getting accommodation within the institution.

Studying in Australia is an opportunity that everyone would ask for. Our agency has done enough research and can prove that the educational levels offered in Australia are of high quality and that every individual can get this golden chance and pursue their dreams.

There are different types of accommodations, the prices vary based on the area and location:

  • Shared accommodation: this is a sort of accommodation that you might find on Gumtree or any other students’ blogs. Usually the price range between A$150- A$250/ week.
  • Homestay: if you would like to gain the Australian life Experience, then this the best accommodation option for you. Usually, this is organised by private companies or by your education provider; however, we recommend that you advise us whenever you wish to take this option so that we can arrange it accordingly with the education provider. The price is around A$300/week, and it includes, meals, bills, facilities, etc.
  • House / Units: if you want to rent out your own, that will be tough because when you submit your application, the critical factor to the approval of it will be your rental history. If you would like this option, we recommend you either pay 3 (three) months rent upfront or increase the price. The price range between A$300- A$500/week (check these websites for more info on renting: ; )
  • On Campus Accommodation: some of the education providers have their student villages, which offers student boarding houses. The price ranges between A$220- A$350/week

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