Work limitation and types of work during your studies

Our agency has discovered that most individuals fear that learning in Australia could make their life hard with the rumors and expectations that the living costs are not affordable. Our agency has done careful research and analysis confirming that the living standards are considerably low as compared to other cities across the world.

However, if one found living in Australia unaffordable, there are various job opportunities where one can venture into. You can get a job in different homesteads as well as organizations that are carrying out activities related to your field.

You could also get employed in the tourism sector since you will understand foreign visitors from your country more than the Australians could.

However, as an international student, you are eligible to work 20 hrs/week. Students can only work when their main course of study commences and they can work unlimited hours during holidays or break sessions.

For taxation purpose, the Australian government will consider the international student as a permanent resident. Example, at the time of the crisis the Australian government has sent a cheque with AUD$900 for all Australian citizens and international students who were paying taxes.

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