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Earn Money with Ease

It’s not hard to earn money in Australia. Put your tradie boots on or take a few barista or bartender lessons and you’ll be ready.

Well, at least this is what most international students are settling with.

Little did you know though, that there are more opportunities out there. You just have to know where and how to find them.

We recently came across a little gem that will make all of our students’ life in Australia so much easier.

Generally, most of the students that decide to come and study in Australia are prone to be more sociable and community friendly. This allows them to be more of a fit for the opportunity we just discovered.

Care workers in Australia can find jobs easily with a starting rate of $25 per hour. Opportunities are plenty, Google it!

But to become a care worker you must first obtain a qualification. Edugate partnered with an institution to make this easier for you.

We know people are probably busy with their current course or job and can’t find the time to enrol in another course and commit to class hours. Thus with our new agreement anyone can now complete a Certificate III in Individual Support (ageing, home and community) online with practical experience and no in-class obligations whatsoever.

Not only that but also individuals who apply through Edugate can complete the course for only $900!

After obtaining the certificate students can apply to jobs and pursue careers in nursing, and disability and aging services. If someone is seeking a part time role, this certificate is an excellent opportunity as well. The market in Australia is in constant demand for motivated care workers who will be able to take care of those in need whether elderly or disabled. Through our institute partnership students can benefit from discounted tuition fees, field experience, and job recommendations.

This not only spares you from working tiring jobs that take up from the energy intended for your education whereas it gives you a lot of personal fulfilment.

Take this certificate up and create a more satisfactory life for yourself.


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