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Where and How to Get Best Education in the World

 09:12:20  Thursday August 6

We will tell you about the countries where the level of university education is especially high

For many foreign countries, the higher education sector is an important sector of strategic development and international partnership. These are countries whose universities have an excellent international reputation and accept a large number of foreigners.

Based on the quality of education at universities in different countries, their positions in academic rankings, as well as the internationality and innovativeness of education systems, we have compiled a list of countries with the highest level of university education in the world.

Want to gain the best knowledge and experience in the best academic setting? Choose one of these countries to study and get the best education in the world!

1- USA

America is confidently leading in the number of universities in the Top 100 of the best universities in the world QS World University Rankings, in this ranking, there are as many as 30 US educational institutions. Moreover, the American Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) tops the entire ranking.

The most popular student cities in the United States are California, New York, and Texas, while the most popular subjects among international students who come to study in the country are engineering, business and management, mathematics, blog creation, and computer technology. In America, students are attracted not only by the high quality of education but also by interesting student life, as well as extensive employment opportunities. Moreover, the American education system not only meets all international standards but often dictates them itself.

2- United Kingdom

United kingdom

The global reputation of British universities and the training of more than 500,000 international students have made the UK the second-largest country for higher education. The top 10 best universities in the world include four local universities at once, including the famous Oxford and Cambridge.

Two indisputable advantages of British education are centuries-old academic traditions and internationality. The well-proven British education system has already been adopted by many countries, and it is in the UK that there are a number of campuses with the most diverse and multicultural student communities.

3- Germany

Germany is the most popular and sought-after non-English language study destination in the world. Moreover, in recent years Germany has been challenging the UK’s academic championship in Europe. Many students have already chosen to study in Berlin and other major cities in the country.

Germany’s popularity among international students is easy to explain. There are many leading universities here, three of which are in the world Top 100. Studying at public universities in Germany is absolutely free, and accommodation is relatively inexpensive which makes sense – Germany financial state is amazing. You may not even have to learn German, because in order to attract foreign students, more and more English-language programs are offered in the country every year.

4- Australia

Distant and exotic Australia has consistently been a popular destination for student and professional immigration. Not surprising, because the country is known for a very high standard of living and wages.

Having adopted and adopted the British education system, Australia today is the most attractive state for students in its region. Many foreigners study here, primarily from neighboring Asian countries, and the best professors from all over the world teach. Seven Australian universities are ranked in the global Top 100, with Australian National University in the Top 20. And also, educational institutions in Australia have an excellent reputation among employers, so their graduates can count on successful employment in their specialty. You directly apply to Australian universities here.

5- Canada


Studying in Canada is still less popular among Russian students than studying in neighboring America but in vain! This is not only a very picturesque country with stunning nature but also a state with a developed education system, four universities of which are included in the world Top 100.

The Canadian cities of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Quebec are home to some of the country’s best universities and are home to many students from all over the world. Life in Canada is usually cheaper than in America, and it is easier to enroll in local universities.

6- France

Recently Paris was once again recognized as the best student city in Europe. It is not surprising, because there are several eminent universities at once, the Higher Normal School of Paris, ParisTech and the Pierre and Marie Curie University, and a developed academic environment and an interesting metropolitan life are available to students. Just remember, that with French cooking it will be hard to get healthy nutrition. Be ready for that.

Other cities in France are not far behind, attracting thousands of foreign students every year. Among the undoubted advantages of local education are centuries-old academic traditions and history, the availability of English-language programs at all levels, and the low cost of education.

7- Netherlands


The Netherlands is another European country where international higher education is developing rapidly and the number of international students is increasing every year. Two Dutch universities are included in the world Top 100 at once – Delft Technical University and the Metropolitan University of Amsterdam.

The high level of local education and excellent connections of universities with foreign partners have made the country one of the best places in the world to study technology, IT, design, and a number of other disciplines. In addition, students appreciate the serious, practical component of Dutch higher education. This is what allows local and foreign graduates to successfully find employment after graduating from universities.

8- China


China can also boast of the rapid development and internationalization of higher education, investing huge funds in the development of the industry and health at the state level. This year, six Chinese universities at once entered the Top 100 of the best universities in the world, confirming the country’s significant progress.

In China, you can study all existing disciplines, and foreign students, to whom the country is working hard to attract, are offered a study in English, modern living conditions, numerous scholarships, and grants. In addition, the combination of high quality and availability of local higher education plays an important role.

9-South Korea

South Korea boasts four universities in the world Top 100 and Seoul, one of the top ten student cities in the world. Korea today is an important economic, trade, academic, technological, culinary (with a specialty with fish) and tourism center in Asia. As a result, students live here in an international environment and receive unique job opportunities in international companies.

South Korea’s universities such as Seoul National University and KAIST employ many international faculty and state-of-the-art research, which greatly enhances the country’s scientific potential.

10- Japan

Home to many global brands and one of the most developed economies in the world, Japan has a fundamental education system and one of the highest graduate employment rates. The unique culture of Japan has made a significant contribution to the development of the local academic system and the training of highly organized, intelligent, and professional personnel in various fields. Just remember, that you can’t show any tattoos out there.

Japan is also working to attract international students, with plans to increase their number to 300,000 by 2020. Important characteristics of Japanese education that appeal to foreigners include numerous internship and study options in English, as well as extensive research grants and intimate exposure to the unique Japanese culture.


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