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Graduate Certificate in TESOL


26 Weeks



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Available in 5 institutions

Griffith University
Western Sydney University
Bond University Limited
Victoria University
King's Own Institute

Available in 3 Locations

NSW - Western Sydney University - Bankstown - Location owned and operated by provider
QLD - Bond University Limited - Location owned and operated by provider
VIC - Victoria University City Flinders - Location owned and operated by provider

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The education category includes courses in Teacher Education and Curriculum and Education studies. If you are willing to pursue studies in any of the majors of the Education field, you need to have a loving personality, eager to help others while spreading knowledge in an efficient way. You also have to have the character for it, meaning that you have the power to influence others positively. Moreover, Education students must be creative, curious, communicative, and compassionate. Majoring in Education does not mean you can work as a teacher only, but you can work as Librarian, Career Counselor, Student Counselor, Administrator, or as Managerial Trainer.

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What about career opportunities?

If you do decide to pursue a degree in Education, you will discover a variety of ways to lead in developing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to meet the significant challenges and equally great rewards of shaping and mentoring the generation of tomorrow, and with them the future at large. Top reasons why you should consider pursuing studies in one of the Education majors:

  1. The average salary for an elementary or high school teacher is $45,000.
  2. Full-time professors working at university level earn an average of $114,000.