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Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology

104 Weeks
$26,000  *This is the advertised price. Contact Edugate for better prices and deals
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Available in 14 institutions

TAFE South Australia

Elizabeth Bence School of Fashion, Duke College

TAFE Queensland East Coast

Headmasters Advanced Academy Training, Beautymasters, Fashionmasters

Academy of Design

Bendigo TAFE; and Kangan Institute

Holmes Secondary College, Holmes English Language Centre, Melbourne School of Fashion

Karl Von Busse Institute of Design

Holmesglen, Holmesglen Institute

Government Education and Training International Tasmania

Raffles College of Design and Commerce

Canberra Institute of Technology

TAFE Queensland

Bendigo TAFE

Available in 11 Locations

NSW - Elizabeth Bence (Parramatta) - Location owned and operated by provider

VIC - Headmasters Academy Pty Ltd - Arrangement with other registered provider

VIC - Bendigo - Arrangement with other registered provider

VIC - Kangan Batman Institute of TAFE - Location owned and operated by provider

VIC - Richmond - Location owned and operated by provider

VIC - Broadmeadows Campus - Location owned and operated by provider

VIC - Holmes Commercial Colleges Melbourne Limited - Location owned and operated by provider

NSW - 400 Kent St, Sydney - Location owned and operated by provider

NSW - 1 Fitzwilliam St Parramatta NSW - Location owned and operated by provider

VIC - Bendigo - Location owned and operated by provider

VIC - Charleston Road Campus - Location owned and operated by provider

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About the course

The Creative Arts category includes courses in Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Crafts, Graphic and Design Studies, and Communication and Media Studies. As a Creative Arts student, you will learn the historical and cultural backgrounds pertaining to fine arts. These majors open to you a door for hands-on learning in the tools that are the most prevalent in contemporary arts. Students who pursue a Creative Arts specialty will dig deeply into their chosen field, engaging with materials on an increasingly critical and analytical level as they develop their education. However, to excel at your studies, you must have a creative, artistic mind and think outside-the-box.

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What about career opportunities?

Creative Arts graduates have a variety of career opportunities. They can work as Graphic Designers, Photographers, Writers, and Art Coordinators. Moreover, graduates with Creative Art degrees can also choose to work for non-profit organizations or schools; be it as freelancers, full-timers or even part-timers. Top reasons why you should consider pursuing studies in Creative Arts:

Keeping up with technology, these majors have shifted into more digital work, thus opening a world of possibilities.
The best paying degree at University for the Creative Arts is Bachelor of Arts, with alumni earning an average salary of $33,000.

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