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Certificate III in Meat Processing (Retail Butcher)


22 Weeks



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Available in 3 institutions

TAFE South Australia
TAFE NSW Technical and Further Education Commission; TAFE NSW Higher Education
TAFE South Australia

Available in 3 Locations

SA - Regency Park Campus - Location owned and operated by provider
NSW - Granville - Location owned and operated by provider
SA - Regency Park Campus - Location owned and operated by provider

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The Food, Hospitality and Personal Services category includes Tourism, Cooking, Bakery, Beauty, Hospitality Management, Events, Food Processing, Makeup, Catering, SPA and Retail, in addition to all their divisions and sub-divisions. If you are a people person with keen attention to immaculate service standards, then you should consider a career in Hospitality. Hospitality graduates are responsible for creating a fantastic experience for customers, in food, accommodation, beauty, and massage. If you find yourself running a luxury hotel or you want to run your own business, then you should major in food hospitality. Your goal is to make people happy, and don’t forget: as Hospitality student you should have excellent communication skills.

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What about career opportunities?

Graduates, holders of Hospitality degrees can work in many fields like hotels, restaurants, retail, spas, food and beverage establishments, or any other industry that provides lifestyle services. Career opportunities in tourism and hospitality are growing steadily as the industry continues to boom and evolve. Hospitality management careers offer a fun and challenging work environment that gives ambitious workers room for growth. Top reasons why you should consider pursuing studies in any of the Hospitality related majors:

  1. Foodservice Managers are expected to see an 11% growth in jobs from 2018 to 2028.
  2. The average annual salary for these workers is $58,960.