Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Here at Edugate our aim is to make every student’s dream to study in Australia, a reality. This is made possible through providing you with catered and individualized consultations which come at no cost at all.


Our consultations include: assessing your current eligibility, determining your next step towards going to Australia, implementing a plan on how to pursue your field of interest, assisting in the visa process, finding and applying for scholarships, securing accommodation etc.


Our counsellors also provide post-arrival consultations that may include: follow up on your experience, solving any miscommunicated issues with your academic institution, guiding you through basics etc.What distinguishes Edugate is that these consultations are completely free and not just the first one. If at any time you have any enquiries over the phone or in our offices, or if you book an appointment for further consultation, you never have to worry about any office fee whatsoever.

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