Getting a Job

While Studying in Australia

While planning your arrival to Australia you’ve surely heard about it’s high living expenses. This makes getting a job essential. If you land the right job, the expensive lifestyle you’ve been hearing so much about will be as easy as pie.

The following article gives you tips on how to do exactly that.

1- Start applying early

 Don’t wait until you arrive here to apply. Employers usually take a few weeks until they read the applications. Get a head start and apply weeks or even months before your arrival. This will increase your chances in securing a job by the time you get to Australia.

2- Apply to as many openings as you can

 Well, why not? You have nothing to lose! Apply for everything you feel or know that you’re skilled at. The more your resume is out there the more probable it is that you’ll be contacted by a potential employers.

3- ‘Australianise’ your resume

 Your resume represents you. It has to be in its finest form. You know what they say, your first impression might be your last. Contact your edugate counsellor for advice and help in fixing it up. For now, here are a few tips for you to polish your resume:

  • Use Australian english on your resume and cover letters instead of British or American english.
  • Get rid of acronyms that might not be internationally known – or those you assume are internationally known – and use the full terms instead.
  • Australian resumes have a tad more details compared to standard American ones. Instead of keeping it short and concise, type out all your work experience and education details. This doesn’t mean that you should go all out and submit an essay length resume just keep it interesting.

4- Make use of LinkedIn’s services

 LinkedIn is the new generations portal into their futures. Polish your LinkedIn profile and update it regularly. After doing so, refine your search in their job app and look for what you’re experienced in. Apply for jobs directly from the app or use the links provided.

You can also search for “Recruiter Australia” where you’ll see a list of several recruiters in Australia. From there message them through the app and make sure you attach your resume.

5- Go through the top Australian Job websites

 Don’t just look through one, browse them all until you find a job you like, or one that likes you. These websites include:

If at any point you feel like you’re struggling to find a job or need more assistance do not hesitate to contact your Edugate counsellor. They are always here to help.

Always remember if you are on a student visa, your work hours are limited to 40 hours a fortnight except on public holidays or your institution’s break where you can work an unlimited number of hours.

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