Management and Commerce

Management and commerce category includes courses in Accounting, Business and management, Sales and marketing, Tourism, Office studies, Banking, and finance.

Studying business degrees, whether bachelor or master, will give you real-world experience about businesses and the economy. Moreover, you will know business theories by solving case studies, problem-solving tasks, and teamwork projects. Business and management graduates can work in different industries and sectors. For example, graduates can work in accounting, finance, marketing, advertising, retail, and human resources.

Administrative services managers (also known as office managers) expect a growth increase in jobs by 7% from 2018-2028. The BLS stated that administrative services managers earned a mean annual salary of $106,050 in May 2018. The bottom ten percent of these professionals took in $55,000 or less per year during the same time, while the top ten percent of workers made $165,470 or more. General and operations managers made an average yearly salary of $123,880 in May 2018, while financial analysts earned a mean annual wage of $100,990 the same year.

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