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Not only is Australia internationally recognized as one of the best countries to live in whereas it also offers a world class education. The Australian Education system continues to produce some of the greatest scientists, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, artists and humanitarians who have changed the world, winning awards from Oscars to Nobel Prizes.

The Australian government regularly collaborates with educational institutes across the country to gather information and remain updated on the current international students’ wellbeing as well as their living and learning experience in Australia.

In 2016, 65,696 students responded to the Government’s International Student Survey. The results showed that 89% of the students were satisfied with the living satisfaction, 87% were satisfied with the learning experience and 90% were satisfied with the support they received allowing the overall satisfaction of students for the year to rise up to 89%.

For decades, Australia has led the world in implementing a level of standards and measures that ensure international students receive the high-quality education they expect. These measures include:

  1. The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 – underlines the legal framework governing the delivery of education to international students on a student visa
  2. The Tuition Protection Service – assists international students whose education providers are unable to fully deliver their course of study due to unforeseen circumstances. The TPS ensures that international students either complete their studies elsewhere or receive a refund.
  3. The Australian Skills Quality Authority – aims to maintain industry trust and confidence in Australia’s training sector by regulating the quality of courses and training provided.
  4. The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency – undertakes both compliance and quality assessments in Australia’s higher education sector.

Study, Live, Work

Building relationships is an essential part of a student’s success. In Australia you will work within teams, familiarize yourselves with professionals in your field, work closely with researchers and instructors as well as get involved in your faculties projects. Moreover, many institutions offer practical and hands-on education depending on the course you’re undergoing.

This organized structure of education where teamwork comes together with both theoretical and practical learning allows students to be more sought by employers after graduation as well as ready to undertake further studies. Additionally, Australian qualifications are recognized internationally.

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