Why Australia

There are so many reasons why you should look at Australia as the perfect option for you to study and live abroad. Australian Colleges and Universities are top-rated and welcome International Students.
Here’s just a couple of reasons that you should study at an Australian College or University and entertain the idea of living in Australia:


Australia is rated as one of the best countries to live in in the world.
Explore its natural beauty, visit the many breathtaking cities and take in spectacular sites at each and every turn.
Our multicultural society means you’ll experience so many different adventures, cuisines, cultures and events right on your doorstep.


Academic institutions nation-wide provide International Students with an array of study options to choose from.
The Australian education system is renowned as one of the best in the world.
International Students in Australia have access to some of the world’s best academics and top performers in their fields.
Learn from the best!


Boasting a fast-growing economy, there are so many opportunities for young people to pursue study, work simultaneously and create a life in Australia.
Once you have completed your education at one of Australia’s top Colleges or Universities, apply to extend your visa and stay, living and working in Australia utilising your top-rated qualification.

Live in Australia

Each Australian city is unique but one thing you can find all over the country is excellent hospitality. Australia is extremely multicultural. It serves as a hub that introduces you to the arts, foods and traditions of people from all over the world made available within one border. Whatever your heart desires can be found somewhere within this great country.
Above all, Australia is all about nature. Living in Australia and discovering all the exquisiteness across the country allows you to reconnect with nature and explore places you didn’t even know exist. From the top end in Kakadu to the depths of Tasmania, Australia provides jaw-dropping scenery and spectacular travel experiences everywhere you go.

Study in Australia

Not only does Australia rank as one of the best countries to live in in the world, it is also renowned for having a world class education system with access to advanced technologies, the latest research facilities and lecturers and professors who are at the top of their fields.
Learning in Australia will ensure you have access to the best that education can offer. From top-rated courses and educators to cutting edge learning methodologies, you’ll not be disappointed by choosing to study at an Australian College or University.
Australia has hundreds of reputable institutions to choose from. Ranking at the top in several different fields across the world, Australian Universities continue to produce some of the greatest scientists, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, artists and humanitarians who are changing the world. Several of Australia’s top Universities have also produced award-winning scholars, taking home awards from the Oscars to Nobel Prizes.
Edugate has partnered with Universities and Institutions across Australia to provide International Students with optimum service. These partnerships include scholarships and grants exclusively for Edugate’s students as well as providing access to counsellors during their academic learning in Australia.

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Work in Australia

After completing your education in Australia, you have the option to apply to live and work in the country as you build your future career and transition to living in Australia.
Throughout your studies in Australia you will create a network of professionals in your field whether they be researchers and instructors at your College or University or other students just like you. This network will be critical to your success after completing your qualifications.
Whilst you are studying you should look to gain experience in your field of study by seeking out internships, volunteering or paid work. Collaborating with those in your network or future profession will provide valuable experience which will translate into your working life. Combining study and work in Australia upon your arrival will set you up for a bright future living in Australia.
As a result of the integration between hands-on, theoretical teaching methods at university and capabilities gained through your professional networks, you will possess the basic requirements for a successful career and life in Australia.

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