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I was always so protective over the institution in which I did my undergrad in Communication Arts in. I never thought I would’ve wished to have an opportunity to start over. That is up until I saw Collarts.

Collarts is everything I want in a college education. Actually, Collarts is everything every person who is passionate about expressing their inner creativity in a professional ambiance would want in a college.

The campuses, to begin with, are spread across Melbourne creating a very multi-cultural urban vibe. The atmosphere inside makes everyone – regardless of color, race, gender, sexuality and beliefs – very comfortable within their own skin and within the walls of each campus.

It hosts a variety of talents and offers Bachelor degrees in Music Performance, Audio Production, Entertainment Management, Music Production, Content Creation as well as a diploma in Entertainment Journalism.

The thing about Collarts is that the college in itself as well as its lecturers are either successful influencers in their fields or well-connected to industry experts. This allows students a one-way ticket towards the connections they need to excel and shine in these challenging fields.

Not only does Collarts provide hands-on experience with industry experts but it also ensures students’ talents grow on both a personal and a professional level.

Throughout their education, students are given opportunities to gain work experience at music festivals, entertainment venues, recording facilities, radio stations, and with brands and organisations at the forefront of contemporary culture. As part of each degree, students also undertake a comprehensive work placement.

Comparing students at Collarts with myself during my traditional undergrad experience in my home city I can see how much I was missing out. Back in my university even when dressed down on stressful final week, most of my colleagues would look formal and stingy whereas at Collarts everyone looks #OOTD worthy even when they don’t try! At Collarts you find those who would choose to go to fancy clubs with $30 cocktails and those who would skip the club to catch a local band playing in a nearby bar. You choose who you want to be and you can easily be it!

Collars students’ life tend to feel like a millennial’s post-grad life more than an actual undergrad life. Wake before sunrise, go for a jog or make something artsy, have a satisfying breakfast and then commute to either their internships or classes. I would rather choose that a million times over my experience of large lecture halls, unsettling university social spheres and theory based education.

Get your creativity on and apply to Collarts today; I might not have my chance now but you do!

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