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What is Agriculture?

We are in an ever-progressing world. iPhones didn’t exist a century ago, neither did Netflix or Facebook. People are creating, inventing and almost every field is advancing while many are dying. However, there is one field though that is as infinite as this earth. Agriculture! As long as our earth thrives, so will career for people in Agriculture. You might be questioning what is Agriculture and why would I want a career and education within it?

When choosing what career to pursue the youth of today will probably shy away from Agriculture. Because, it is generally associated with being a farmer and as the conventional beliefs go, farming life has a very rural and old-fashioned lifestyle as well as very limited opportunities. But that is not true! It’s more than just being a farmer.

Why should you Study Agriculture in Australia?


Agriculture has been around for over 10,000 years and thus has many different definitions. It’s literal meaning though concurs that Agriculture is the growth of plants and animals for the purposes of sustaining human life and earth. On the other hand, the term Agriculture has vast coverage as it is applied in different realms: science, media, practice, business, research as well as advanced technology and sustainability. Moreover, people who have a degree or diploma in Agriculture can lead to several different careers. They can become farm managers, agronomists, agricultural journalists, researchers, and much more! Agricultural studies increase your chances for a permanent residency in Australia.

After studying Agriculture in Australia you can start applying to jobs straight away. You can find a career in Agriculture on the list of occupations for a Skilled Immigrant Visa in Australia which qualifies you for an Australian permanent residency. Not only will you be working within a fruitful career (literally) whereas you’ll also have the opportunity to stay and live in Australia for good.

Armidale and Agriculture

Agriculture is a continuously booming field in rural Australia. Regions like Armidale are seeking migrants with Agriculture qualifications giving the opportunity for International Students with an Agriculture background a shortcut to a permanent residency. Armidale is an evolved agricultural area with a strong education sector which has to lead to the employment of almost a quarter of the local working population. The community there are intellectuals living in a developing regional setting with a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

What is striking about Armidale is that amidst the booming businesses in both the Agriculture and the technology sector, the work-life balance is quite manageable due to low traffic, high productivity, and motivated individuals due to satisfying work opportunities. Many are moving there to take advantage of all it has to offer and secure their futures in Australia. An excerpt from Armidale’s website describes the attractive nature that makes people want to stay after deciding to move there. It quotes, in Armidale, “Spectacular waterfalls, gorges, world-heritage national parks, cool-climate vineyards, fascinating and diverse cultural heritage, canyoning, mountain biking, bird watching, trout fishing, and other outdoor adventures take on an exciting new dimension in New England High Country. And you will be delighted all over again when you come indoors to discover our galleries, museums, fine food and wine.”

A career in Agriculture allows you to be part of the future development of the earth

Farmer agriculture

As the world progresses, corporate growth and the population’s consumption are threatening the wellbeing of our earth. People in the field of Agriculture all play a major role in the preservation, growth, and sustainability of our lands.

Agriculture moreover is found to be four times more effective than other sectors in reducing poverty. Four times! This reflects how much the world is dependant on Agriculture in producing more healthy food and improving the lives of the booming populations especially in the third world and developing countries. This leaves everyone in the agricultural sector with social satisfaction that their work is meaningful in the prevention and decrease of one of the biggest challenges we have nowadays POVERTY!

You’ll get paid in dollars, not tomatoes and cattle

Stereotypes will always exist. No, you won’t survive on the production of the farms you run. Regardless of what career you choose to pursue after your studies, all careers in Agriculture have a relatively more than average pay. The average starting salary in Australia for a career in Agriculture is around $61,000 a year. So get going, put your farming boots on and get that cash into your pockets. All you have to do is to find your bachelor’s or master’s degree in Agriculture.

Agriculture needs your brainpower

Passionate about making the world a better place? Interested in research? Agriculture is the place for you! Agriculture plays a huge role in the reduction of poverty rates. This is only possible through research. Today more than ever the need for sustainable Agriculture, agricultural development, and provision of nutritious food is a must.

Research is helping earth get there. What’s even better? Australia’s education system is one of the leading systems in research around the world. You can begin with a diploma in Agriculture and if you are not quite ready to kick start your career you have an option to pursue a higher degree and be a part of agricultural research. Your time is now! Several institutions around Australia offer a diploma in Agriculture and degrees.

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