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TAFE Courses in Australia

 07:12:57  Tuesday September 15

Going to college is really overwhelming, and a huge part of it is the prospect of having to choose a major. Moreover, traveling to pursue your studies is also daunting. What is the right major for you? Which university or college should you choose?  What courses suit you best? As you try to figure out what major is right for you, it would be a good idea to know what is TAFE? And most particularly what are some TAFE courses in Australia?

Why Australia?

Choosing to study in Australia will provide you with wonderful opportunities and experiences, as well as world-class education. Here are five reasons why you should consider Australia as your study abroad destination.

Courses and institutions that enjoy global recognition.
A multicultural, lively lifestyle.
Affordable study costs.
Good career prospects.
Beautiful weather and stunning landscapes add to the overall experience.

Tafe Courses

What is TAFE and what are TAFE courses?

TAFE stands for Australian Technical and Further Education. TAFE institutes are government-owned providers of Vocational Education and Training, referred to as VET courses. The TAFE sector is the largest education and training sector in Australia.  Individual TAFE institutions are known as either colleges or institutes, depending on the state or territory. TAFE colleges are owned, operated, and financed by the various state and territory governments.

Each year, thousands of international students come to Australia to take advantage of the extensive range of TAFE courses and subject areas that provide practical skills and vocational training for a huge variety of careers in different sectors spanning hospitality, tourism, construction, engineering, secretarial skills, visual arts, computer programming, and community work.

TAFE colleges generally award qualifications up to the level of advanced diplomas. In many instances, TAFE study can be used as partial credit towards bachelor’s degree-level university programs.

What is the difference between TAFE and university?

International students attend TAFE institutes to complete courses that range from certificate to postgraduate level.  This is the difference between TAFE courses and university courses:

TAFE courses are practical while university courses have an academic focus: TAFE courses are practical, hands-on, and focused on providing students with the most in-demand skills at the workplace and the training that employers usually tend to seek.
They’re hands-on: TAFE facilities provide students with industry-standard equipment that allows them to train outside the classroom, such as automotive workshops and training restaurants that are open to the public. TAFE courses are designed with industry needs in mind, and many offer opportunities to complete on-the-job training through work experience.
They offer a wider option for courses: Traditionally, TAFE institutes are known for providing VET courses (such as certificates and diplomas). Some TAFE institutes also offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees (the same as those offered by universities), as well as English language courses and secondary school studies.
They are more accessible: TAFE institutes are accessible and have fewer entry requirements than universities. Because TAFE is more accessible to students, many choose to study at TAFE as a pathway to gain entry into university.

According to Study Australia, “TAFE is Australia’s largest provider of vocational education and training. More than 350,000 people have enrolled in TAFE in Victoria alone.”!

As an international student, enrolling in Australian TAFE institutes will give you a host of advantages by:

Paving the way to higher education.
Improving your chances of being accepted into higher education institutions.
Helping you gain practical, work-based skills to improve your employment prospects.
Helping you take advantage of the wide variety of courses on offer.
Allowing you to enjoy the individual attention that the typically small class sizes allow.

What would TAFE courses cost?

According to the Australian Government website, TAFE course fees range from AUD$4000 to $22,000 per year.

Higher-level vocational courses, including vocational graduate certificates and diplomas, could have higher fees. As for TAFE institutes that offer bachelor’s degrees, they will most probably charge higher fees for these courses.

TAFE Institutes

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)
New South Wales (NSW)
Academy of Information Technology
College of Sport & Fitness
Strathfield College
South Australia
TAFE South Australia (TAFE SA)
Griffith College
Swinburne University TAFE
Box Hill Institute
Chisholm Institute TAFE
Gordon Institute of TAFE
RMIT University TAFE
West Australia
TAFE International Western Australia

Wondering about the entry requirements?

To enroll in a TAFE course in Australia you will need to meet a series of minimum requirements.

  1. The system usually requires students to have reached a level of study equivalent to the Australian Year 10, 11 or 12.
  2. Entry into some courses, such as art and design, may also require submission of a portfolio. Some courses may have prerequisite subjects or work experience requirements.
  3. A good level of English, although this will vary depending on what you are going to study and the requirements of the school.

Let Edugate help you!

Edugate has partnered with universities and TAFE institutions nationwide to provide students with optimum service through university and counselor communication. These partnerships also include scholarships and grants exclusively for Edugate’s students. You can check TAFE Queensland English Language Program. Moreover, we help students to apply for Student Visa in Australia.

The bottom line, Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes offer a more practical alternative to tertiary education. If you’re looking for a shortcut to the workforce or maybe a pathway to higher education, a TAFE course could be the right option for you!



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