Relocating To Australia

Moving countries is such an exhilarating experience to undergo. With all the fun comes some stress. You probably heard rumours of the Land Down Under: it’s so multicultural, kebabs everywhere, it’s so expensive, spiders are everywhere, sharks are your new swimming buddies, you can bump into a kangaroo on your morning run etc. Which ones are fact and which are fiction? Edugate is here to help with exactly that!
People wouldn’t know where to start, who to trust, what step to take next. The most important questions to answer when relocating are the following:
Where do I live?
How do I apply to jobs?
Which banks do I trust with my money?
What if I catch a cold or break a leg?
Easy, easy, easy, and easy! Edugate is here to help you through all of that. Click on the following pages below for more information on each.

Moving Made Easy

Edugate has over a decade of experience with helping students relocate to Australia. We’ve gathered some of our most important pre-arrival tips and made them available for you below.


Getting a Job

Do you want extra money to boost your stay in Australia? Click here for tips on how to get a job!

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open a bank account

Open a Bank Account

Worried about which bank is more suitable for you? Edugate is here to help!

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Finding Accommodation

Finding your next home in Australia isn’t as hard as you think. The process is easy and the options are many. Click here for more information!

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Our Unique Student Services

Create Commonwealth Bank of Australia account

CBA Account Assistance

Moving to Australia? Check your banking responsibilities off your to-do list and let Commonwealth Bank take care of the headache for you.

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IELTS preparation with Edugate

IELTS Preparation

The first step is the hardest. Make sure you ace it, take the IELTS Online Course now!

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Free Consultation with Edugate

Free Consultation

We are the gate to your future. No fees, no headaches - only individualized consultations to cater for your aspirations.

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Compare health cover prices and choose what right for you

Health Cover Assistance

Edugate is here to make you feel safe in all possible ways. We'll get you the most suitable health cover for your stay in Australia.

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