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10 Ways to Budget Your Life in Australia

Living in Australia could be a tad on the pricey side, especially if you’re living in Sydney and Melbourne. Rents are sky-rocketing, and everything at one point will seem too expensive. Avoid reaching that point and take in the following 10 ways to budget your life in Australia as a means to save up a little.

1- Go Out For Free

Australia offers an array of activities that you can do for cheap or absolutely no charge. Yes, nights spent at Ivy, for example, might sound tempting, but the land down under has so much art and culture for you to discover.

Nourish your mind at your local art galleries, look out for free events and go out to free entry places like beaches, botanic gardens, and parks.

If you are in Sydney, head over to the Art Gallery of NSW, which displays art ranging from hundreds of traditions around the world, they also make free movie nights and talks. Check out their website and see if you like something on their schedule.

Moreover, art shows are the best place to get free food. If you’re disinterested by art, at least act interested by looking around, take off your “I’m here for the food” face, and enjoy the delicacies of free things.

2- Join Online Swap Groups

Australians love their second hand Facebook groups. Buy, swap, and sell whatever you want and save so much money. Groups like that are perfect for buying cheap furniture, cars, etc. Get the stuff you want in exchange for your things. Look up local groups in your area and check out this group in Parramatta as an example. If you’re not on Facebook, Gumtree would be a practical alternative.

3- Buy in Bulk & Cook In

Yes, this might take up a few hours of your week, but do you realize how much money you’re saving??? Cut down on eating out and cook your own meals at home. Cook on Sundays if it seems like too much work, freeze your food for the rest of the week.

Yes, Australian cities are kings in the culinary scene. Yes, eating out is exceptionally tempting here, but your mind won’t be as happy as your stomach when you spend that rent money on a fancy Italian dinner.

Buy your products in bulk and store them at home. Keep an eye open for exclusive offers by signing up for mailing lists and head to budget supermarkets like Aldi for cheap produce. Go to the closest markets and make use of fresh fruit. This way, you can hit two birds in one stone: get a healthy lifestyle and a useful pocket!

4- Stock Up Online

Look, supermarket runs are fun. Heartbreaking when you’re paying, but fun. If you want to save, though, head to websites that allow you to restock your home in bulk for lower prices. You can find fantastic deals on all the cleaning, kitchen, and bathroom products. You can even find suitable clothing and grocery deals every once in a while on there.

5- Become a Bargain Hunter

It’s so entertaining! Play hide and seek with all the things you need and the things you didn’t know you need! Bargains are everywhere you just have to look for them and save those $$$$. Unleash your nifty self and head to bargain shops and second-hand stores or head to the nearest St. Vinnies OpShop where you can buy a whole outfit at the price of a t-shirt from a department store.

6- Hard Rubbish

Don’t judge me on this. A student’s gotta do what a student must do. Everyone in Australia has done it at one point. You know what they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You can find so many useable furniture, home accessories, and garden accessories for free. It’s incredible what a savvy mind could do with stuff left outside people’s homes.

7- Airbnb Your Home

Easy money, fun experiences, and a new roommate every few days! Seriously though, consider putting up your place on Airbnb. Saves you the headache of finding roommates, makes you a lot more money then having a roommate pay their half and allows you to choose not to host anyone when you feel like being completely alone and unburdened by the existence of someone else in your house! Manage your expectations, set a reasonable price, and ta-da you’re running your in-house mini motel.

8- Happy Hours!

More food, more drinks for less money. Chase down the happy hours of your favorite places and save those dollar bills. Check out The Happiest Hour for more Happy Hour offers around Australia, just type in your location, and you’re good to go.

9- Exercise Freely!

Avoid your Zumba class monthly pay and gym membership. Exercise in public parks to your favorite dance playlist or head for cardio run along the many beaches around Australia. Look up free YouTube workouts. Burn your calories, not your cash!

10- Walk

Stop taking public transport everywhere. Walk. Wake up half an hour earlier and walk to work or your university. Walk when you want to buy groceries. Anything that is within a reasonable walking distance walk! Reasonable means up to 30 minutes of a walk and not up to 5 – FYI.

Take in these tips and save up for your university tuition or your next holiday! Money in Australia might be hard to tear, but it’s not hard to spend. Be cautious with where it goes. Also, know more about how to earn money with ease in Australia.

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